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In Theaters September 2005

Stephen Rea plays Barney Garvey, the Derry man who introduces the USS Mason sailors to the Irish people. The men never forgot the welcome that “made us feel like real Americans for the first time.” The role of Garvey is appropriate for an actor who’s brought the world powerful portrayals of characters rooted in Ireland.

Rea received a Best Actor Oscar nomination in 1992 for creating the role of the IRA gunman who is draw to the lover of the British soldier who’s death he helped cause in “The Crying Game.” During that same season, he mesmerized Broadway as a Lebanon-based journalist who himself is a kidnap victim in “Someone to Watch Over Me.”

His collaboration with director Neil Jordan occasioned critically acclaimed performances – Danny in “Angels” (1982), the mystery man at the center of “Company of Wolves” (1985(, the spy behind the lines in “Michael Collins” (1996), Santiago in “Interview with a Vampire” (1994), both the tragic father and grown son in “The Butcher Boy” (1997) and the English civil servant suffering through his wife’s affair in “The End of The Affair” (1999). He is featured in two recent Irish produced films “This is My Father” with Aidan Quinn and “Evelyn” with Pierce Brosnan and has played lead roles in many American movies including “Angie” (1992), “Robert Altman’s “Pret-a-Porter” (1994) and “Guinevere” (1999).

Stephen Rea’s theatrical work as an actor, director, producer began at the Abbey Theater in Dublin and extends to the most prestigious theaters in London and New York. But nowhere were audiences more appreciative than those in the small towns of his “home place” – Northern Ireland – where Rea and his companions in Field Day Theater brought classic and contemporary drama to people isolated by “The Troubles.” The community of artists which Rea founded in the 1980’s with playwright Brian Friel, Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney and writer Seamus Deane holds a stellar place as a beacon in dark times.

Rea’s current film work includes the recently completed “River Queen” (2005) and “ Breakfast on Pluto” (2005.) The hardworking actor also has “Tara Road” and “V for Vendetta” (both 2005) in post-production.


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