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In Theaters September 2005

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Most films have that moment where the viewers says, "hey, wasn't that ..." This page gives you screenshots of our cameos ... including people who lived the story!

Ossie Davis introduces us to the story of the USS Mason and how proudly the served.

Scenes from PROUD including archival footage of the real ship and crew.

In Ireland
Shot on location, Derry provides the backdrop for the Mason's port of call in Ireland where the crew was treated "not as Tan Yanks, just Yanks."

The Music
Music sets tone and recreates the times in PROUD. Here are a few key musical highlights.

Wrap Party
You're invited to the wrap party held on board the new USS Mason. Guests included cast, crew, and President William Jefferson Clinton.
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... songs from Billboard's Harlem Hit Parade from World War II.
ussmason.org Since 1997 the story of USS Mason and her crew has been portrayed on the web with this site. Includes a narrative of the ship's history and photos.
Tasso Zapanti PROUD's Composer The Magic Johnson Foundation
William J. Clinton Foundation
Foundation for the National Archives The US Navy Memorial Foundation
The National Naval Officers Association Foundation for the Advancement of African Americans in Film
"Boris" portrays Horace the ship mascot  
|In Honor of Ossie Davis:  
Oxfam America's Sudan Crisis Relief Fund
EXCEL Institute
WBAI Pacifica Radio
Today's Students/Tomorrow's Teachers

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